We all know this annual theme: too many great summer outfits and too little space in the suitcase. So every year we stand in front of our luggage and ponder how we still get one or the other summer look squeezed into our suitcase, which we will not wear in the end anyway. But this has now come to an end! With sensible tips and tricks, we can ensure that the perfect vacation outfit fits every day, even despite the limited transport options. Here you get inspiration for a space-saving packed suitcase, which still offers plenty of great outfits.

Outfit number 1: A practical long blouse in different combinations

To get the most out of your vacation wardrobe, it makes sense to make sure that you pack not only beautiful, but also versatile fashion pieces in your suitcase. That’s why this great summer dress or long blouse is also an absolute must-have for your summer vacation! The khaki green fashion piece you can wear in the afternoon during a walk on the beach, buttoned up as a light and airy summer dress, together with your favorite sandals and a beach bag. In the evening, the piece becomes an absolute eye-catcher by wearing it unbuttoned as a long blouse. You can combine it, for example, with white, short or long pants and a narrow top in the summer trend color Mango. And already you create two enchanting vacation outfits from just one fashion piece.

This blouse is also perfect for your summer vacation! The print of starfish, shells and corals already increases the anticipation of the upcoming beach days. You can combine this blouse also, as in the first outfit, with a narrow long or short pants and with a narrow, sleeveless top. Thus, it is also perfectly sufficient if they pack only one long and one short pants in your suitcase. Buttoned up, this blouse can be worn on the beach but also super as a short dress, for example, if you want to quickly throw something over your bikini or swimsuit.

Outfit number 2: A great ocean print blouse in different combinations
Outfit number 3: A beautiful summer dress for summer vacation

But what would a summer vacation be without a summer dress? Whether in the afternoon with flat sandals on a walk through the city or in the evening with wedge heel sandals in the beach bar – with a figure-flattering maxi dress you certainly draw all eyes on you! And it is not only an absolute eye-catcher, but at the same time super space-saving for the packed suitcase, because with a beautiful summer dress already sits the perfect outfit. In an evening summer breeze is also still a light cardigan suitable, which also always finds a place in the suitcase. And voilà – already you create many great outfits from a few parts that do not take up much space in your suitcase.