We love summer fashion and all it has to offer. Our Olsen team is super-excited to wear colourful styles this season, especially for special occasions. Two members of our team from Germany and Poland share their favourite outfits for the 2022 spring/summer season.

Esther - our colleague from Olsen Germany.

Hi, I’m Esther and I’ve been working at Olsen in Hamburg as Assistant Product Manager since March 2022. Even though I’ve only been here for a few months, I love all the styles we offer – especially from this year’s spring/summer season! From the summer collections, this look pictured on the left is my absolute favourite outfit for this season. The orange and white gingham blouse from the SEASON FAVOURITE collection fits perfectly into the summer with its fresh colour. Because of its loose fit and airy-light material, it is super comfortable to wear even in high temperatures. Best of all, its made with eco-friendly LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose fiber.

Since white pants are a staple in any summer wardrobe, I combine this blouse with light and airy linen pants from the SHADES OF WATER collection. I believe the loose fit of these linen pants is great because they are comfortable to wear on warm summer days. I love this style so much because it can be worn for many different occasions. For example, it is light enough to wear on over my bikini for a walk on the beach or out to have a drink with a friend. It also works perfectly for the office which makes it a great outfit for all occasions.

Esther's favourite outfit from the Season Favourite and Shades of Water summer collections.
Iza - our colleague from Olsen Poland.

Hi, I’m Iza and I’ve been a visual merchandise manager at Olsen in Poland for the past four years. Of course, I wear many outfits from our annual collections, including our most recent SEASON FAVOURITE summer collection. From this summery collection, the poncho pictured left in beautiful burnt earthy tones is my absolute favourite piece for this season! Since it’s made of light and airy viscose, the poncho is perfect for warm summer days. I also really love the orient-inspired print pattern that it has.

I would combine this poncho with a simple top and black linen shorts. Viscose and linen are both perfect materials for the summer because they are airy, especially linen because it is breathable, pleasant and cooling to the skin. Also, I prefer to wear loose and comfortable looks which is why I chose these shorts with an elastic waistband.

Iza's favourite outfit from the summer collection, Season Favourite.