Spring brings so many wonderful things—more time outdoors, gardens full of flowers, and on-trend seasonal fabrics and fashion! My favourite fabric for spring and summer is linen. I have always enjoyed it for home décor, but in recent years I have also gravitated towards linen clothing. My wardrobe has evolved to include linen pants, shirts, dresses and jackets, and I value how these pieces make me look and feel. In this post, I’ll be sharing several new Olsen pieces that represent the best qualities of linen in sumptuous, uplifting spring styles.

Linen home decor ideas

Why Linen?
Linen in Home Decor

As a decorator, I have used linen in home décor settings for many years. My obsession with linen began 30 years ago when I discovered the wonders of linen tea towels. They were weighty, absorptive, stain resistant, and incredibly durable. And the more I used and washed them, the softer they became. I still have some of the tea towels I purchased three decades ago. It wasn’t long before I moved on from tea towels to cloth napkins, tablecloths, and eventually pillows, drapes, and furniture upholstery. ”

Linen in Fashion

Linen is perfectly suited for use in fashion given its many wonderful properties. To me, the most astounding properties of linen are how beautifully it drapes and the subtle textural variations that no other fabrics possess. It has a wholesome feel to it that lends clothing a handcrafted appearance. Yet, it is also luxurious and elegant. It truly elevates each piece of clothing, especially when combined with refined tailoring, a signature trait of Olsen’s fashions.

Linen jacket and linen pants from Olsen
Spring linen outfit from Olsen

Linen’s Wonderful Properties

Linen is naturally thermo-regulating and moisture wicking, so it provides airy comfort on even the hottest of days. I love how durable and stain-resistant it is, and how it gets softer with every wear and wash. Linen also has the added bonus of natural UV protection, something I’m very passionate about. It even has anti-static properties, which is especially important in dry climates.

One of the most unique features of linen is how it wrinkles beautifully, giving it added charm. Linen can also be worn pressed and crisp, making it quite versatile. All of these properties that make linen the perfect fabric for fashion also make it ideal for home décor applications. A couple years ago I reupholstered my grandparent’s vintage sofa in a lovely natural linen fabric. Natural linen pairs so beautifully with soft shades of white and green.

Beautiful Spring/Summer Linen Fashions with Olsen

I had the opportunity to try out three gorgeous linen looks curated by Olsen this spring. The outfits include linen pants, linen tunics, denim, and a linen blazer in lovely fresh shades of sage green, peachy pink, blue, cream, and white. These pieces are beautifully tailored with many lovely details like contrast interior trim, braided waist ties, and decorative trim details. The fit for these pieces is generous and comfortable but also refined.

Pretty in Peach and Cream

In this first outfit by Olsen, I’m wearing the Linen Blend Long Line Shirt in a beautiful dark peach blush colour paired with the 100% Linen Lisa Fit Straight Leg Drawstring Pant in buttercream. This shirt is a great example of how linen can be dressed up with stand-out details, including the fabulous colour, added length, stripe pattern, and inclusion of subtle gold metallic threads woven into the pattern. The linen drawstring pants epitomize the breezy carefree feel of linen. These pants are soft, cool, flowy and comfortable and can easily go from the office to the beach. They could also be paired with any other shade of linen top since the buttercream colour is so versatile.

Shawna wearing her first linen outfit from Olsen
Shawna wearing her second linen outfit from Olsen

Fresh and Crisp White and Blue

In this spring outfit by Olsen, I’m sporting the 100% Linen Shirt with Tunic Neckline and the 100% Linen Lisa Fit Straight Leg Drawstring Pant in Pacific blue. The pants really stand out with their lovely blue colour, and I love the subtle detail of the fishtail braid drawstring. Even more, the elastic waistband makes them ultra-comfortable. The white tunic style shirt feels like the quintessential white linen shirt for spring and summer, and the attention to detail makes it feel extra special.

Safari style and denim duo

In this final outfit from Olsen, I’m wearing the gorgeous 100% Linen Safari Style Jacket in sage—a style that has been on my wishlist for ages—and their cute, sustainable REPREVE™ Mona Fit Straight Leg Jean with Frayed Hem. Reimagining the safari jacket in linen is brilliant because the softness and drape of linen make the jacket feel more comfortable and wearable. It can be worn buttoned and belted or open and casual. The stretch denim pants are comfortable and versatile and the fringe detail at the bottom is very fun. All shades of denim pair really well with linen, making this a great look.

When paired with a skirt or more dressy pants, this outfit could be worn to work or out to a restaurant. With denim it’s the perfect outfit to go shopping or sightseeing. And I could see myself wearing this outfit to visit museums with my children this summer.

Shawna wearing her favorite linen jacket in combination with denim pants made from the eco-friendly REPREVE® fiber

I certainly adore using linen in home décor and wearing it to achieve a carefree, comfortable look that is also put together. Olsen has created a variety of beautiful linen looks that can be mixed and matched or combined with other pieces in your wardrobe. Each piece highlights the beauty and natural qualities of linen, making these unique pieces something to be treasured for many years.