We love linen – especially in the summer! This wonderful fabric offers many benefits: It is breathable, absorbs moisture and is hypoallergenic, all while being comfortable and light on the skin. The number one benefit of them all is that linen styles can look casual but can also be styled elegantly. It’s no wonder that linen outfits are a big and popular theme in this year’s spring/summer season. Our influencers share their love for linen with us and show us how they style Olsen linen pieces.

Influencer Monika loves the light blue linen suit from Olsen's Dolce Vita collection.

Monika loves this blue linen blazer and coordinating drawstring pant from Olsen’s DOLCE VITA collection. For her, it is the perfect outfit for an afternoon in the office this summer. “The cool feeling linen gives is just worth its weight in gold in summer temperatures,” she says. “And in addition, the linen suit is also super fashionable and stylish, which is why I love wearing it to work.” During the workday, Monika pairs the look with elegant loafers; after work, she slips into her favorite summer flip-flops.

Influencer Kamila chose the pinstripe linen suit from Olsen's City Culture collection.

Kamila also opted for a linen suit – a three-piece pinstripe suit from Olsen’s CITY CULTURE collection, which consists of trousers, a blazer and a vest. “”As a young, busy mom, I love linen the most because it’s easy care,”” says Kamila. Fashion pieces made of linen can also be ironed if you like, though it is not absolutely necessary. Wrinkles in the fabric are a natural characteristic of linen, making the outfit look charming and casual. This stylish pinstripe suit can be worn either on special occasions like summer parties, but it’s also relaxed enough for everyday activities like a stroll in the park.

Influencer Aga loves the summer linen dress from Olsen's Dolce Vita collection.

Aga fell in love at first sight with a light blue linen dress from Olsen’s DOLCE VITA collection. This wonderful fashion piece can be worn buttoned up as a dress or unbuttoned as a duster or oversize shirt, which is what Aga opted for. “”The casual look and lightness of this great linen dress is perfect for those days when it’s too warm for a thicker jacket, but it’s still a little too cool to wear just a summer t-shirt. That’s why this is my absolute favorite piece for this season – super pretty and practical at the same time!

Paulina likes to mix styles and loves the combination of the striped blouse with the elegant dark blue suit and sneakers.

Paulina loves comfortable and expressive style. If she wears a suit, then only in combination with sneakers. And when she chooses a blouse, it has to be an eye-catching one. That’s why Paulina chose a light blue striped blouse from Olsen’s DOLCE VITA collection, made of a mix of linen and cotton. She combines this with an elegant dark blue suit and cool sneakers. The striped blouse is absolutely the first choice for her this summer. In summer temperatures she loves to wear it with casual shorts or wonderful maxi skirts.