Whether it’s Mom, Mum or Mumia – every year we celebrate Mother’s Day and the existence of our dear mothers all over the world. The possibilities to show your mother how much you love her are limitless. Our three team members Tania (Olsen Germany), Melanie (Olsen Canada) and Adrianna (Olsen Poland) share their very personal stories and how they celebrate Mother’s Day.

Tania and her mother - Olsen Germany

Tania, Content Creator and Social Media Marketing Manager, Olsen Germany

I’m Tania and I’m the Content Creator and Social Media Marketing Manager at Olsen in Germany. Although I moved from southern Germany to the beautiful north, Hamburg, three years ago and live a six-hour drive away from my mom, we still have a very special bond, true to the motto “proximity is not a question of distance”. For this reason, Mother’s Day in 2022 was very special for us when my mom came to visit me in Hamburg and we spent the day at the musical “The Lion King”. In the past when we didn’t have enough time to visit each other for Mother’s Day, I like to gift her a colourful bouquet of flowers or a very personal gift, like this year which is a sweet video clip of the two of us.

Generally, my mother and I do not have the same fashion taste. Rarely do we find looks or pieces that catch both our eyes like the way these embroidered pieces did. Since I prefer to wear dresses, it was obvious that I chose this spring inspired, embroidery tiered dress. My mom prefers something sporty, so she reached for this t-shirt with the same embroidery pattern and paired it with black jeans. Since I love mixing styles, I wore my black platform boots with the dress and my mom rounded out her look with more elegant, heeled boots. We both can wear a similar outfit but bring our own individual style to the details.

Different looks in the same style.
Melanie and her children - Olsen Canada.

Melanie, Retail Operations Manager, Olsen Canada

As a mother, my children are my life and I take great pride and joy in raising them. I get to watch them as they experience life, grow, and mature into beautiful young adults. I cherish the close bond we share, and I’m glad that my children feel comfortable talking with me and sharing what’s going on in their lives, even if they don’t always take my advice. While Mother’s Day is a time for moms to celebrate, for me, it is also an opportunity to reflect on my journey as a mother and the many memories we have made as a family. This day reminds me of the importance of cherishing those special moments and the role my children play in my life.

On Mother’s Day, my family and I keep things simple by spending quality time together. We either relax at home, enjoy each other’s company while watching a movie and sharing a nice meal, or we go for a family walk together. A particular Mother’s Day memory that I will never forget was when my children surprised me with a scavenger hunt, which they designed all on their own. Items such as flowers, a notebook, chocolate, a teacup, and a cinema gift card were hidden away with clues for where to find the next item, with the end location being the kitchen table where they had my favourite breakfast of french toast and berries waiting for me. It was creative and extremely thoughtful which showed how much they truly cared, and it was a day that I will always treasure.

Melanie's two children.
A close bond with different taste in fashion.

While I love spending time with my children, we each have our unique fashion tastes. Alyssa prefers comfort and casual attire, Ash likes to be trendy and fashion-forward, while I dress for the occasion. It’s interesting to see how our fashion tastes have evolved over the years, and I appreciate the individuality and personal style each of us have. Regardless of our fashion choices, the love we share as a family is what truly matters, and that’s something that never goes out of style! Together we had fun coordinating looks with styles in pretty blue and mint shades and soft floral prints from Olsen’s Cool Sports collection. The versatility of this long denim shirt dress allowed me to wear it open as a topper to a charming watercolour floral t-shirt, paired with white pants perfect for spring. Ash chose a sporty mint stripe & floral print tee combining it with a simple white sweater and worn-in jeans. Alyssa loves casual style so she chose a smart polo dress and accessorized it with a watercolour floral scarf. We each completed our looks with matching white sneakers which were sporty and super-cute.

Adrianna, Marketing Content Specialist, Olsen Poland

My name is Adrianna and I’m the marketing and social media content specialist at Olsen Poland. Although I personally believe that we should appreciate and cherish the relationship with our loved ones every day, Mother’s Day is a special day for me. Usually, this day is just meant for us, and we go out to a good restaurant or go to the theatre for a performance. I always try to fulfill my mother’s wish list for gifts, but I always give her a special and sentimental gift. Last year I gifted my mother a bracelet made of natural stones where each stone and pearl had a special meaning. I know she loved it when I saw her shed a tear of happiness.

Adrianna and her mother - Olsen Poland.
Similar fashion tastes with different styling.

My mother and I have similar taste. On a day-to-day basis we like a relaxed and comfortable style. For the past years we have been trying to build a capsule wardrobe, but I must admit that sometimes the hot trend of the season catches our eyes, and we go for something fresh and trendy. My mother and I love monochromatic styling so the clothes from Nature Bliss are perfect for us. We chose the same blouse but different bottoms. We really like skirts of all styles, so I chose the long skirt while my mother styled the blouse with the Anna pants. All the clothes we have chosen are in a beautiful shade of khaki green and have a super trendy satin finish. When it comes to topping off the look – I’m a fan of lots of jewelry and heeled shoes. My mom is different as she is minimalist and follows the principle “less is more”. She combined her outfit with comfortable ballerinas and did not include any accessories.