Summer is slowly but surely coming to an end and the golden autumn is just around the corner. That’s when the first questions arise: Which outfits are suitable for the change of seasons? How do we assess whether it’s warm enough for a light blouse or cool enough for a warm knit sweater? We asked three fashion influencers from Poland how you master the change of seasons and which transitional looks they prefer in autumn. Look forward to valuable inspiration from the Olsen collection PARIS PREP.

Ela (Instagram: bibii______) shares her thoughts with us:

Gundula's normal workday at Olsen.

“Whenever I don’t know what to wear, I reach for a knit years,” says Ela joyfully. “Cardigans are glamorous, warm, hug the figure wonderfully and give me a lot of freedom of movement – I love that! Plus, they go great with any outfit.”

Ela continues, “From Olsen’s Paris Prep collection, I like the preppy style plaid cardigan the best! It looks like a loose-fitting shirt and thus gives any outfit a casual, fresh look, which I really like. I would combine the cardigan with a cool jeans or even with a chic skirt. But also to a tight-fitting, black dress I would wear it. After all, fashion is about being experimental and trying out new combinations!”

The development of prints at Olsen.

Anne (Instagram: blaneczkowo) gives us an insight into her favorite transitional look:

Gundula's favourite task at Olsen.

“I love summer! That’s why I cling to summer outfits and thus try to ignore fall for as long as possible,” Anne begins, laughing. “At the same time, I love the fall collections in the fashion stores, because the fall/winter season brings more glamorous outfits, I think. So I try to keep the summer vibe and style the fall fashion in a summer way.”

Anne continues, “Thus, I would wear this chic sweater directly on the skin and not over a blouse. Combined with slim white pants, a white bag and a summery straw hat, it creates the perfect look for the last sunny days of late summer.”

Gundula collecting inspiration at OIsen.

Gabi (Instagram: mylittleworld_pl) raves about her favorite outfit:

Gundula's favourite print from Olsen's 2022 summer collection.

“I’m a total fan of this striped troyer sweater! Not only because it’s totally on trend, but also because half of it is made of airy viscose, which makes it very breathable and therefore perfect for the transition between summer and fall. In warmer temperatures I don’t break a sweat with the sweater and on cooler days I throw on a vest,” says Gabi with a grin on her face.

Gabi continues, “On a warm, sunny day, I would wear this great striped sweater with slim white pants and airy espadrilles. On slightly cooler fall days, I’d pair the sweater with jeans and white sneakers and throw on a warming vest.”

Gundula's favourite print from Olsen's 2022 summer collection.