You can’t go wrong with the colour black – it’s classic, versatile, and elegant. However, fashion gives us the perfect opportunity to be creative by trying out colours. A colourful wardrobe puts you in a good mood, which is why you shouldn’t miss out on enjoying colour. In this blog story, we will be sharing valuable tips on how to pick colourful it-pieces, that also compliment your skin tone.

Understanding Skin Undertones

To select the perfect colour, we recommend that you first determine whether your skins undertone is warm, cool or neutral. Your skin tone may fluctuate due to sun exposure, lighting, or general health but your skins undertone will always stay the same. Undertone is the colour below the visible surface of the skin, which affects your overall skin tone. To determine your undertone, hold the palm of your hand out under natural sunlight and examine the veins in your wrist. If your veins appear greenish, your undertone is warm. If your veins appear blue or purple, your undertone is cool. If this is hard to distinguish, you have neutral undertone.

Warm Skin Undertone

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For a warm undertone, go for warm colours like red, orange, yellow and coral. Warmer, earthy greens and rich browns also compliment warm undertones. For accessories, it’s best to reach for the colours gold or copper. Olsen’s URBAN ADVENTURE collection goes perfectly with warm undertones as it includes many fashion pieces in burnt orange, golden olive, and khaki.

Cool Skin Undertone

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If you have a cool undertone, your best colours are on the cool side of the colour wheel – reminiscent of ocean waters and a frosty winter. Reach for the colors blue, green, purple, and also light pastel shades like pink, lavender or a cool gray. In contrast to a warm undertone, accessories in silver and pewter go best with a cool undertone. The Olsen collection CASUAL ICONS has the perfect selection for a harmonious combination with this undertone.

Neutral Skin Undertone

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With a neutral undertone, you have hit the absolute jackpot! Individuals who have this undertone can be the most colourful. In this case, you can wear just about any color, even though medium and muted tones often work best with the neutral undertone. Silver, gold or 2-tone metals work equally well for jewelry.

Ultimately, you can still wear your favourite colour, even if it may not suit your undertone. You can choose to wear accessories in a colour that compliments your undertone. Give basic black styles a break and dare to opt for a dose of colour instead.