We all love a vacation getaway but what could be better than spending a sunny summer day in your hometown? We at Olsen enjoy summer days in Hamburg, Brussel and Toronto. Find out what there is to do in our hometowns on a summer day and how Olsen outfits make the perfect companion.

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What would Hamburg be without the Elbe? We also have the beautiful Elbe beach, reminiscent of a great beach vacation, it’s just gorgeous! This makes it the perfect start for an unforgettable summer day in Hamburg. Just pack a picnic blanket, some goodies to snack on for breakfast as well as coffee or tea in a thermos – and you have the perfect breakfast picnic for the beach! As soon as breakfast is finished and we’ve enjoyed the rays of the sun, we head back to the port of Hamburg on a rented StadtRAD

Arriving at the harbor, we take the train towards the Binnenalster and get off at the “Jungfernstieg” station, where the perfect view of the water awaits us. There we make our way to the boat rental shop to rent a paddle boat. The countless canals offer a great way to view Hamburg from the water, where beautiful mansions and idyllic gardens await us. The highlight of our tour is a boat café on the Muhlenkamp Canal, where we get delicious ice cream to go on the paddle boat.

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In the evening, we are drawn to the popular Portuguese Quarter, where many delicious dishes from Portugal and Spain await us. With warmer temperatures, it is very nice to stay on a restaurant patio to enjoy delicious drinks. After our appetite is satisfied from an exciting day, we walk back to the port to start our romantic light tour throughout the Speicherstadt, Hafencity and the container port.

In terms of outfit, there’s no better look than nautical stripes and blue accents to spend a summer morning & afternoon in Hamburg. For that, we’ve put together an outfit inspired from our SHADES OF WATER collection, which consists of a breezy striped shirt combined with a pair of blue straight cut shorts. To end the evening with a delicious meal in the Portuguese Quarter and a ride through the lights of Hamburg’s container port, we recommend a comfortable dress, also from our SHADES OF WATER collection, which attracts all eyes with its eye-catching leaf print.

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Gundula's favourite print from Olsen's 2022 summer collection.


We love to spend a summer day in our hometown, Brassel! We start the day with a delicious breakfast consisting of waffles with seasonal fruits. Of course, we can’t miss a cold morning iced coffee. After breakfast we stroll through the Old Town of Brassel where there are huge houses that provide us with necessary shade for our walk. To cool down a bit, we stroll towards the riverbank, where a pleasant refreshment awaits us. Once there, we lie down in a comfortable deck chair in a beach bar to drink a delicious lemonade. With our feet in the river, we watch the boats and kayaks in the distance, listen to the soft music from the speakers and enjoy the pure relaxation on this summer day.

For lunch, we stroll on to our favourite restaurant in the middle of the city, where they serve delicious pancakes that can be enjoyed either savory or sweet. Meanwhile, we take in the sounds of drums and trumpets, which reminds us that the big Summer Jazz Festival is taking place in Brassel that day. After a quick stop at home, where we freshen up and choose a breezy summer outfit for the evening, we rush straight to the Summer Jazz Festival. Once there, we sit back and relax with two glasses of wine, toast to this wonderful summer day and enjoy the wonderful jazz sounds of the playing band to perfectly end the summer day.

Gundula's favourite print from Olsen's 2022 summer collection.
Gundula's favourite print from Olsen's 2022 summer collection.

To enjoy a beautiful summer day to the fullest, it is necessary to wear fashion pieces that are not only beautiful but also comfortable at the same time. For the sunny morning and afternoon, we have put together an outfit from our HAPPY VIBES collection. The comfortable shorts are perfect for those sunny days when you want to indulge in delicious foods, thanks to their stretchy waistband and drawstring! Combined with an airy white blouse and light summer scarf, you have the perfect daytime outfit. In the evening, we recommend a beautiful, airy dress from the same collection. Through the feminine cut and allover print you certainly will have all eyes on you!


After a few months of sub-zero temperatures, we are once again looking forward to an unforgettable summer and all that Toronto has to offer! From long summer days on the lakefront with sporting recreational activities to events like marathons and music festivals, the city is filled with a positive energy and a lot of fun. Toronto’s harbor is located on the shores of Lake Ontario, where many parks, galleries and small cafes can be found right on the water. So naturally, this is the perfect place to start your sunny day with a delicious breakfast and a strong coffee.

Gundula's favourite print from Olsen's 2022 summer collection.
Gundula's favourite print from Olsen's 2022 summer collection.

But a day in Toronto wouldn’t be complete without a quick stroll through Kensington Market, where the atmosphere is relaxed and artistic. Street performers, live musicians and local merchants exude a lot of joy and set the summer vibe. Here we enjoy a drink in the sun, shop local artists and then stroll back home to freshen up for the evening. With a new outfit on, we head to the Rogers Centre to watch the Toronto Blue Jays game. After the game, we end the evening with good food and fruity cocktails over the rooftops of Toronto at a rooftop patio.

To feel comfortable even in the blazing sun and high temperatures on a summer day, we recommend an airy outfit from our SHADES OF WATER collection, consisting of a sleeveless shirt and a beautiful and comfortable wrap skirt.

In the evening get all eyes on you with a denim tunic dress. Not only is the dress trendy but it is also eco-friendly containing TENCEL™ Modal. Bonus: TENCEL™ Modal fibres are manufactured from sustainable wood sources and the production process meets high environmental standards. TENCEL™ is a trademark of Lenzing AG.

Gundula's favourite print from Olsen's 2022 summer collection.

And what about you? Are you also looking forward to a summer day in your hometown?