Our responsibility

The responsible treatment of people and nature is firmly anchored in Olsen’s corporate values. Respectful cooperation, fair production conditions and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes are of the utmost importance for us, and guide our actions as a business.

Responsibility towards the environment

Our aim is to produce our garments in an environmentally responsible manner. This includes using sustainable materials and manufacturing processes that help ensure the protection of natural resources and the reduction of harmful chemical substance use.

Organic cotton

Many Olsen styles are crafted from organic cotton which continues to grow in popularity thanks to its extensive ecological and social benefits that include:
– water conservation.
– elimination of genetically modified seeds.
– lowered greenhouse gas emissions.
– fair trade with farmers and healthy working conditions for factory workers.
– Replacement of harmful synthetic pesticides with natural fertilizers (i.e. compost), protecting soil and runoff water.

Recycled materials

We are always on the lookout for resource-saving manufacturing techniques using recycled materials.
For example, we use Repreve®, a polyester performance fibre made from recycled plastic bottles, in the production of our outdoor jackets. So far, REPREVE® has saved over 11.5 billion plastic bottles from landfills; it conserves water and energy, and emits fewer greenhouse gases.
Learn more at repreve.com

Responsibility towards animals

Animal welfare is very important to us, so we have consciously decided against the use of certain animal materials.


Our products do not contain any down. For the filling of our outdoor jackets we use these alternatives: 3MTM ThinuslateTM Insulation: The synthetic microfibres are finer than down feathers and can trap more air in less space. This makes our jackets just as warm, but much lighter than down jackets.
DuPontTM-Sorona®: A high proportion of the fiber is made from annually renewable plant-based ingredients.

Leather, fur and angora

We use neither real leather nor real fur. In addition, we do not use angora wool.

Marking of non-textile parts

All non-textile components of animal origin are marked by us on the care label. Thus, we comply with the guidelines of the European Textile Labelling Ordinance (EU) No. 1007/2011. Such components may include, for example, leather labels or buttons made of mother-of-pearl or horn.

Responsibility towards suppliers

For us, dealing with our suppliers and producers at eye level is essential. We know them all personally, visit them on site several times a year and have maintained trusting business relationships with many of them for over 25 years.
Olsen has been participating in amfori BSCI since 2010:

– amfori BSCI ensures compliance with social standards and working conditions throughout the supply chain.
– the amfori BSCI “Code of Conduct” speaks out against child labour, forced labour, discrimination, underpayment, unreasonable working hours, unsafe working conditions, and more.
– supplier companies ensure compliance with the amfori BSCI “Code of Conduct.”


Learn more at: amfori.org/content/amfori-bsci

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