The most stylish women are surprisingly consistent in how they dress daily – weather that means sticking to basics or getting creative and bold with everyday looks. Some are known for classic and minimalist style, others for eclectic bohemian looks. Some are not afraid to be edgy while some prefer ultra-feminine, lady-like flair. No matter which signature look best describes them, they’ve defined a fashion personality they feel confident about and stuck with it.
Defining your own personal style not only simplifies your life, but builds confidence — isn’t that what we all strive for? Here are just a few of the fashion personalities our Style Team has defined as stylish and effective ways to dress for every day.

THE CLASSIC – Nothing Basic About It

Timeless cuts, polished basics and clean looks is what it’s all about. A classic fashion personality tends to avoid trendy prints and extreme ‘fashion’ styles, gravitating instead to staple basics mostly in neutral solid colours with the occasional stripe or texture for added interest. The key to achieving this style is to embrace traditional pieces that have stood the test of time, valuing longevity over passing trends.

A classic look will always be uncomplicated yet refined, simple yet sophisticated. Styles are often trans-seasonal, effortless to coordinate, and can be worn year after year. Make no mistake – there is nothing basic about a classic fashion personality! On the contrary, it is reliable, versatile, consistent, and always in style.

BOHEMIAN BELLE – Free Spirit Style

Carefree, relaxed, and free to play with pattern and textures, achieving boho style is a unique personal expression that often is void of structure but always has an eclectic cool factor. Mixing organic patterns and inspired prints, flowing silhouettes, and tactile finishes like fringe, ruffles or stitch interest are characteristic of a bohemian look.

A bohemian belle understands how to layer unexpected combinations, loves scarves as a finishing touch to her look and truly dresses for herself with confidence. Always having an open mind when pairing patterns and fabrics, a boho fashion personality is relaxed and charming with just the right amount of fashion risk-taking.

MODERN MAVEN – Trend-correct but not a Fashion Victim

Walking to the beat of her own drum and often the fashion trend setter of her social circle, a modern maven dresses to impress. She demonstrates she has her finger on the pulse of fashion trends and does not delay adopting the “it” colour of the season or the new must-have print or leg shape – making a modern style statement every time she dresses is the objective.

This does not always mean taking groundbreaking steps towards innovative dressing, instead a modern maven fashion personality simply craves what’s “now”, updates her closet frequently, and creates modern looks that are effortlessly chic with a twist, confidently opting for bold styles.

SPORTY CHIC – Relaxed but Totally Refined

Obsessed with athleisure, the sporty chic style personality lives for casual clothing that meets the needs for her active lifestyle. Dressing up for special occasions aside, this style personality builds looks from a wardrobe of versatile coordinates that are comfortable, relaxed, and with a generous stretch factor for all day comfort.

Though tops and bottoms in jersey knit are often the hero, it is how the sporty chic style enthusiast combines what typically is perceived as lounge or sport wear with other pieces to elevate the look into something more sophisticated than the average jogging suit co-ord. Go-to combinations are hoodies and tees layered with blazers or quilted vests. The sporty chic look is cool, comfortable, youthful, perfect for days on the go and equally ideal for days with nothing on the agenda.

What’s your fashion personality?