The golden autumn is just around the corner and we are looking forward to the hottest styles from the fall/winter season 2023! Our design team has compiled the trendiest themes from the current season for you. Get inspired and look forward to cool looks and stylish outfits.

Monochrome look

The popular tone-on-tone look is also one of the most important fashion trends in this year’s fall/winter season – and preferably in bold colors. Especially in the cooler season, fashion lovers go for one color because you need many more pieces than in summer. Thus, with the so-called layering look, which consists of several layers, it is of course comfortable to rely on a particular color, which at the same time makes an absolute fashion statement.

Trend color green

Green is the absolutely most important trend color in 2023 and conquers the fashion world even in the cooler season. It does not matter which shade of green you go for, with this “it” color you are always right in its many nuances! Especially the monochrome look is very popular in this color world, no matter if the whole outfit consists of the same green shade, for example khaki or sage, or of different nuances.

Modern Classic

Another fashion trend that is impossible to imagine this year’s fall/winter season without is Modern Classic. This trend combines classics like blazers or jackets in Chanel look with modern silhouettes, colors and components of today’s trends. The classics of yesteryear get a trendy upgrade. For this, you can likewise conjure up your favorite pieces from the past and combine them with current it-pieces.

Alpine Mood

The mountain is calling! This outdoor-inspired fashion trend exudes a lot of mountain magic and reminds us of winter hours in the Alps. Of course, cozy Norwegian sweaters and warming outdoor jackets in trendy orange and red tones are not to be missed. In this year’s fall/winter season, you’ll cut a fine figure with the alpine look not only in the mountains, but also in the big city.

Back to Blue

The color blue is also an important trend color in the fall/winter season 2023 – and that in its versatile, beautiful nuances. At the same time, you are totally free in the combination and styling, because this color goes super together with the most different tones. For this reason, color blocking is a popular theme here. Either you combine the wonderful blue tones uncomplicated with white or black, or you create strong contrasts with strong colors like orange, red or pink. But also in a monochrome look you create absolute eye-catchers with blue fashion pieces.

Care Zone

This year’s fall/winter season is going to be cozy! In the winter months we love it comfortable, soft and relaxed. That’s why the trend theme Care Zone meets exactly the needs we have during the cold season. Harmony, mental health and security are important keywords in this theme, as are athleisure and calm colors. We focus on fluffy yarns, comfortable silhouettes and calm colors like beige and blue. So dive into the wonderfully relaxed Care Zone!

Trend color pink

Barbie conquers in the current season not only the cinemas around the world, but also real life in 2023. This also has a very strong influence on the fashion world in the fall / winter season 2023. The pink tone “Viva Magenta” was also chosen this year as the Pantone color of the year. Therefore, you are absolutely on trend with pink! Wear this bold color either in monochrome style, i.e. pink from head to toe, or create strong color blocking looks by combining pink fashion pieces with other bold colors.

Party Fever

Party Party Party – in fall/winter 2023 we are looking forward to the festive season again, which is why the trendy theme Party Fever is absolutely indispensable from the season. Fake leather, shine and glitter as well as leopard prints are popular styles with which you can make a true fashion statement this winter!

Which trend do you like the most?