Our worlds natural resources are running low and it’s no secret – therefore, taking a conscious approach to how we think about our environment is becoming increasingly important. The fashion industry has had to rethink and rework their creative processes, to ensure that sustainable thinking is at the forefront of design and therefore sustainability and sustainable fashion have been trending in recent years! At Olsen the focus on sustainable fashion and mindful consumption of natural raw materials has become increasingly important. We asked three influencers from Poland how they integrate fashion pieces made of sustainable materials into their everyday looks, we hope you find some inspiration!

Tania, from Germany presents her favorite look for warm spring days.

Maja Turbańska: “I’m reaching for styles from environmentally conscious collections more and more!”

Maja is a young mother, so naturally she sees the importance of protecting the earth from the further exploitation of its natural resources. “”When I have the opportunity to shop and wear eco-friendly outfits, I do it,”” says Maja. She’s already passing on this way of thinking to her daughter: “”I’m very proud of the fact that even at her young age, my daughter makes sure not to waste paper and play gently with her toys so that they last a long time””, Maja tells us with a beaming smile on her face. She loves to look for eco-friendly fashion pieces at Olsen: “”I love Olsen’s collections! Not just because of the excellent quality, but because they focus on sustainable resources. I especially like the Sea Forward collection and not just because of the nautical motifs, but because of the recycled materials used to create various pieces. For example, the jeans I’m wearing in the picture on the left were made from REPREVE®, the world’s leading recycled fiber derived from recycled PET bottles. It just makes me feel good that by shopping for sustainable styles, I can play a big part in making the earth a little less of a burden!”””

Ania Nowak vel Cooka: “I love comfortable looks, especially when they’re made from sustainable materials!”

For Ania, the most important thing is that her everyday looks bring a certain level of comfort. She focuses on trending pieces that don’t restrict her freedom of movement. “On an average day, I want to feel like a million bucks in my comfortable outfit!” says Ania. She particularly likes Olsen’s Eco Lodge collection because of its comfortable cuts and use of sustainable resources, “I love the yellow linen jacket in combination with the dark green linen trousers – I feel especially comfortable and chic in this outfit! The belt at waist level skillfully sets off my figure and the summery yellow perfectly matches my natural skin tone,” Ania continues. “And best of all, a large part of the Eco Lodge collection is based on sustainable materials. All these fashion pieces are high quality, so they will survive in my closet for a long time!”

Nessa, from Canada shows her favourite edgy spring outfit.
Monika, from Poland shows off her favourite flowy, boho-inspired spring look.

Pola Polok: “I like to shop, but I make sure to shop environmentally conscious!”

Pola loves the combination of white and red, which is why Olsen’s Celebrate Life collection is the perfect pairing for her. “I love the Celebrate Life collection for its colour and classic cuts,” says Pola, she continues, “I try to add bright accents to every outfit, along with shades that compliment my skin tone. From this collection, I like the combination of the white pants and the classic red cardigan the best! The pants were made from the eco-conscious recycled fiber REPREVE®, which is derived from recycled PET bottles. Shopping for sustainable styles is especially important to me, as I am now a mother of three and it has taught me many things. Of course, this includes surrounding myself with quality products that are made with care to be environmentally friendly. I love shopping; however, I also want to make sure we are exploiting the planet as little as possible!”