We can hardly wait for summer! Finally feeling the sun on our skin again, taking trips to the lake and being able to wear light, and airy clothes. But who doesn’t feel that way after the long winter months? Luckily, we can finally start thinking about the 2022 spring/summer season and are already stocking up our summer wardrobe. Our fashion experts reveal which top 10 trends will be coming your way in the new season! This much in advance: The new prints and colors increase the summer anticipation immeasurably!

Casual denim looks are now high on the fashion agenda.

1) Denim

Denim is taking fashion hearts by storm in the 2022 spring/summer season! The blue trending tones are a must – whether classically as jeans, as a skirt, jacket, dress, or blouse. Denim styles complete any hip casual look but can also be combined in a business-ready way.

2) Shades of Pink

In the new season positive good mood colors are in the focus and there must not be missing a color: Pink! Admittedly, the feminine power color is not for the shy – you will draw all eyes to you! If you want to approach the color carefully, reach for delicate shades of pink, which are just as trendy right now.”

Whether delicate pink and bright pink - these color nuances are now totally in vogue.
Now we go for maritime Breton stripes in sailor style.

3) Breton stripes

Would you like a little nautical vacation flair in your closet? It moves in in no time with so-called Breton stripes! Classically, they are used on shirts and are the epitome of French chic. In the past, Breton shirts were considered workwear of the French Navy, but at the latest since Coco Chanel brought the maritime striped shirts on the catwalk, they are no longer indispensable in the fashion world. This season Breton stripes celebrate their fashion comeback!

4) Romance

In the spring/summer season of 2022, it’s time to show the delicate, feminine side. After all, the romantic look is one of the most important trends of spring! Detailed floral prints, embroidery, ruffles, flounces, and lace elements come into play and sweeten the warm season for us.

Perforated embroidery, lace and feminine floral prints emphasize the romantic trend.
With flower prints we emphasize our feminine side.

5) Flower Prints

No other print fits so well into spring and is at the same time as timeless as the flower print! According to VOGUE, flower prints are a symbol of new beginnings and radiate lots of optimism. Whether delicate millefleurs prints or large-scale flowers in exotic style – flower prints are so popular precisely because of their diversity!

6) Dresses

What would summer be without dresses? They are so wonderfully uncomplicated and just always look great! Particularly trendy this season are maxi dresses and shirtdresses that are slightly flared at the bottom. Especially dresses made of materials like cotton, linen, Tencel and viscose are in high demand for spring/summer 2022.

This summer, long maxi dresses are especially trendy.
Pastel colors are reminiscent of delicious soft ice cream, making them perfect for this summer!

7) Pastel shades

We just can’t get enough of light blue, mint green, lemon butterfly yellow or pale pink. Soft ice cream tones add an extra dose of lightness and freshness to any look in an instant, sweetening up our summer. The color favorite for this season is “Peach Blush” – a powdery peach shade that does a great job of highlighting our summer tans.

8) Jersey

Soft jersey material has always been very popular in the fashion world. But in times when a high feel-good factor has become more important to us than ever before, jersey takes on an even greater significance. The trendy material is elastic, stretchy and breathable, making it perfect for hip casual styles.

We feel completely cool and comfortable in jersey looks.
The trend color Mango cannot be missing in the summer.

9) Trend color mango

Mangos not only taste good, but also perfectly represent pure summer feelings. In the same way, the color mango exudes summery good mood vibes and is reminiscent of exotic fruit cocktails. The warm orange can be wonderfully combined with strong pink and blue tones.

10) Linen

Linen clothing is the perfect companion on warm summer days. Spun from flax fibers, this natural material is breathable and has a cooling effect on the skin. This season we prefer to wear linen in colors like muted khaki or light sand tones. This emphasizes the overall natural feel of the material.

Linen is THE trend material for the spring/summer season.