Whether it’s neutral shades or vibrant colours like red, blue or green, stylish monochrome looks are on trend this season! The term “monochrome” is of Greek origin and means, quite simply, of a single colour. A monochrome outfit can be created with variations of lighter or darker shades of the same colour, or for those who like it more bold, the complete look from head-to-toe can consist of one colour without variation.

But monochrome definitely doesn’t have to be boring! Especially with trending colours like red, blue or green, you can make a bright fashion statement with a tone-on-tone outfit. The best thing is that a monochrome look can be worn perfectly in any colour so no colour should be excluded from this styling concept. To complete the look, you can combine shoes as well as accessories in a contrasting colour to the monochrome outfit to make it even more interesting.

Tone-on-tone in the trend color green
Monochrome looks in different materials and cuts

When styling the tone-on-tone look, you should make sure that you combine different materials and cuts to give the look more depth. For example, silk, knitwear and faux leather can be perfectly combined with each other, in silhouettes that are relaxed or figure-hugging.

For those who prefer a little variety, but still do not want to completely abandon this trend, it is a good idea to break up a monochrome look a little. For example, you can combine a blouse in a light colour with the tone-on-tone outfit or pick up the same colour of the outfit with a striped pattern.

Linen monochrome look

Do you love this trend as much as we do or do you prefer to go with a mix of different colours?