At Olsen, we love clothes in a variety of colours! Why? Because it gives us the opportunity to express our personality and mood. Did you know that every colour stands for certain character traits? In our colour consultation you will find out which colour has which meaning and how to determine the right colour for you personally!

Yellow: the sunshine colour

Yellow is a colour that always puts you in a good mood

It is well known that yellow is an absolute good-mood inducing colour. Accordingly, it also suits people who are carefree and in a positive mood. Their thirst for adventure drives them to always try out new things and to leave their own comfort zone. Yellow types are communicative and attach great importance to good friendships.

Who can wear yellow?

It is a widespread misconception that yellow only suits select women. The cheerful colour really does suit everyone, it just depends on the right shade of yellow. If you have tanned skin and dark hair, you can wear almost any shade of yellow: from bright yellow to soft pastel yellow. Blondes with a fair complexion, on the other hand, should gravitate to cool shades of yellow.

How to combine yellow

Yellow looks especially beautiful with orange or denim blue

Ideal combination colours for yellow are denim blue or khaki green. The sunny colour harmonises particularly well with these. Orange tones also go well with yellow and underline the summery character of the colour.

Green: The colour of hope

Whether pistachio, lime or khaki green, the colour has appeal all year-round

If you have a very harmony-seeking and balanced nature, it is best to amplify your personality with shades of green. There is a reason that green is said to be the colour of hope and it is because green types are bursting with optimism and are always ready to lend an open ear to their friends.

Who can wear green?

Again, it comes down to finding the right shade of green for your type. Do you have brown eyes and dark hair? Then earthy shades of green, like khaki, suit you very well. For women with light eyes and blonde hair, on the other hand, light green shades might be more flattering.

How to combine green

Combine bright white or a light yellow with khaki green

Play it safe and combine green with white. Radiantly pure white shows off rich green to its best advantage. It also gives muted khaki green a summery fresh kick. If you like it more colourful, you can also wear bright yellow with your green styles.

Red: The Power Colour

Red is the perfect colour for power women

Self-confident and ambitious people can express their character with the power colour of red! It stands for energy and passion. Red types see a goal clearly in front of them and also want to achieve it – absolutely! They love to draw attention to themselves and attract other people with their energy.

Who can wear red?

Which shade of red is right for you depends on your complexion. Women with a fair complexion should go for a bluish red. With a tanned complexion, on the other hand, just about any shade of red will suit you.

How to combine red

Choose neutral basic colours to complement red styles

As red is a really striking colour, it is best to choose restrained tones such as black, white, dark blue or grey as combination colours. Looks in these colour combinations are a good choice for any occasion and look very stylish.

Blue: The colour with a calming effect

Blue is easy to combine and therefore a very popular colour

If you would describe yourself as particularly loyal and faithful, the colour blue suits you especially well. Blue has a calming effect and underlines your profound and compassionate personality. Everything blue types do, they do with dedication and conviction. They are down-to-earth and authentic.

Who can wear blue?

Basically, blue is a colour that suits every type very well and is pleasantly easy to combine. If you have blue eyes, you should definitely go for clothes that are a similar shade of blue to your eyes. You will quickly notice how much it makes your eyes stand out!

How to combine blue

The combination of blue and white always looks summery and fresh

As blue is a rather calm colour, it can easily be combined into tone-on-tone looks! However, it also creates a very beautiful overall look in combination with white, which has a maritime flair.

Beige: The popular natural colour

Looks in beige are timeless and always look stylish

The rather understated colour beige stands for a deep connection to nature. If you have an eye for detail, appreciate even the smallest things, like to explore your surroundings and enjoy creative or craft activities, beige clothing is a perfect match for your personality and lifestyle.

Who can wear beige?

Because beige is such a neutral colour, anyone can wear it. But the earthy tone looks especially good on women with warm, lightly tanned skin and brown or golden blonde hair.

How to combine beige

Add a little splash of colour to pair with beige or choose white for a fresh factor

To create a simple, elegant look, bright white is the ideal colour to combine with beige. If you like it more eye-catching, combine beige with strong colours like pink, orange, blue or red. These harmonize perfectly with the earth tone and make the whole look instantly fresh and youthful.

Now you know which colour suits you particularly well and how you can combine it. But that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to this colour from now on. On the contrary, every now and then, go for colours that you never tried before! You will notice that these colours can also bring out unexpected facets of your personality, because your personality is colourful and your clothes should be too!