Have you ever noticed that the outfit you’re wearing resembles your home décor? We all have preferences that can carry over from fashion to décor and vice versa. And sometimes home décor trends overlap with fashion trends. Blogger Shawna of @willowbloomhome shares some of this season’s best fall décor trends and their beautiful fashion counterparts with fashions from Olsen.

Casual looks for a bike ride together

Top Fall Décor Trends

So, what are the top décor trends this fall? The top fall trends include bold patterns and wall paper or murals, deep moody colours like charcoal and plum, layered looks, neutrals and earth tones, nubby and textural fabrics, florals, houseplants, vintage elements, and muted natural elements. I love all of these trends and I have worked many of them into my fall décor and more permanent décor recently. These “trends” have a lot of staying power and aren’t the kind of décor you will tire of quickly. I’m sharing how some of the most popular home décor trends are also hot fashion trends. And what better way to showcase this than by sharing some gorgeous fashions by Olsen. Olsen is known for stylish, quality fashions that are on-trend and extremely comfortable. I’m featuring cool-weather clothing from two of their newest collections: Neutral Shades and Neo Bohemian.

Muted Natural Elements

This trend embraces the simple, calm properties of nature such as warm wood tones, rattan, and dried grasses and leaves. The colour palette is ivory to light beige to warm brown. Interesting and unique forms and textures are key components. I included several muted natural elements in my fall décor, including the oak leaf mantel décor, driftwood logs, and vases of dried wheat and pampas grass.

Grey has been a popular neutral for several years, but now we’re seeing a move towards warmer neutrals and earth tones. Think toasty camel, warm brown, and olive green. Fall is the perfect time to introduce one of these neutrals into your décor or your wardrobe. These warm tones add warmth and a sense of coziness, especially when you add in multiple layers. For home décor, this could mean adding rugs, pillows, and throw blankets. I added some rich rust-coloured pillows to our family room for fall and recently painted the space a warm cream colour. For layering, I used lots of pillows and throw blankets.

For fashion, camel and earth tones are a wonderful trend to embrace this fall. Olsen interprets neutrals beautifully with their Neutral Shades Collection.

Two beautiful summer outfits that harmonise in colour
For a picnic among friends, looks can be feminine and playful

My favourite looks in neutral shades

In this first outfit by Olsen, I’m wearing their long sleeve funnel neck jacquard sweater and their Mona fit straight leg jersey knit trouser. The sweater is beautiful and cozy and ties together the first two trends I’ve mentioned, muted natural elements and neutrals and earth tones + layering. The pattern on the sweater is subtle, muted, and organic in appearance with golden beige tones reminiscent of golden leaves and grasses. Olsen’s jersey knit trousers pair perfectly with this sweater and create a neutral look that is interesting because of the beautiful cut and luxurious fabrics.”

In this second outfit by Olsen, I’m wearing their Lisa fit straight leg vegan suede pants, long sleeve weave print button front blouse, and long sleeve marled knit open front cardigan. Layering is such a comfortable way to dress for fall with its cooler mornings and evenings and warmer midday sunshine. You may notice that I’ve also layered pillows and blankets to achieve a cozy, inviting family room!
A neutral palette really benefits from layers and a variety of textures and subtle patterns. That’s why I love this blouse- It has a crisp white background with a delicate beige pattern. The top pairs perfectly with these buttery-soft vegan suede pants. The camel colour is on-trend in both fashion and décor circles and I adore the casual and comfortable cut. This beautiful outfit is topped with a neutral cardigan. Olsen carries my very favourite cardigans. This one is wardrobe stable because of the neutral tone and classic cut, and goes the extra mile with its luxuriously soft feel, different knit stitches for textural interest, and front pockets.

If the colours are harmonious with each other, different patterns can be mixed

Florals + Houseplants

This fall’s florals incorporate fall colours such as gold, olive green, and burgundy. They may be muted in tone or have a nostalgic, vintage quality to them. For home décor, you could add floral wallpaper to create an accent wall, like I did in our front hall. Throw pillows and bedding are other great ways to incorporate florals into your home.

Another related trend is the renewed popularity of houseplants. Tropical plants and bold floral patterns are popular this fall because as the weather cools and we spend more time indoors, we want to be reminded of the beauty of nature. We may even long to visit exotic, tropical locations and lush plants and florals can help us feel connected to that vision.
Olsen has interpreted these trends beautifully in their Neo Bohemian Collection. They have created beautiful floral and tapestry-inspired pieces that look great paired with neutral or solid coloured accompaniments.


In these photos, I’m wearing Olsen’s 100% cotton three quarter sleeve jewel neck boho print t-shirt and Repreve Mona fit straight leg jean. The outfit is topped with a cotton blend long sleeve micro cord shirt with front pockets. This boldly patterned floral t-shirt is perfect for mixing with solid-toned pieces like the ivory jeans and green cord shirt and is a beautiful and unique interpretation of this season’s floral trend. The jeans and muted green shirt fit the neutrals trend perfectly and are great layering pieces. A fashion-only trend this season is the “shacket”- combination shirt and jacket. This generously-sized micro-corduroy shirt is thick and warm enough to be used as a light jacket. Each of these pieces are incredibly versatile and would pair beautifully with many of the other pieces from the Neo Bohemian or the Neutral Shades Collection.

The look on the right is a perfect colour complement for the summery dress
The look on the right is a perfect colour complement for the summery dress

Rich Colours + Vintage Style

Rich colours and vintage elements are very popular in the world of interior and fashion currently. Olsen has done a beautiful job of mixing rich colours with neutrals, as seen in their long sleeve button front botanic print dress. This dress has a little bit of retro styling and the large-scale floral pattern checks all of the boxes with its beautiful greens, navy, and unexpected pop of pretty pink. Paired with the long sleeve long line cardigan in a lovely muted sage green colour, the outfit is both polished and artistic feeling. While the dress is retro in style, the long, slightly boxy sweater and booties make this outfit feel modern.

Fall décor and fashion trends this fall offer a world of variety and the good news is you don’t have to choose just one or two trends. It is possible to pick and choose the trends that suit you best and as you have seen in this post, multiple trends can be combined effortlessly. Olsen has made it easy to stay on trend with their gorgeous Neutral Shades and Neo Bohemian Collections this fall. Great style, comfort, quality, and wearability are some of the reasons I keep returning to Olsen year after year. I hope you have enjoyed reading my post, The Best Home Décor-Meets-Fashion Trends This Fall with Olsen. Which fall trend is your favourite?