Our planet is precious and many of the resources it provides are not infinite. Fortunately recent movements have shed light on the importance of the issue and have inspired meaningful action. At Olsen, sustainability is important to us. Our mission: to mindfully save resources and reduce plastic waste while creating on-trend styles that make you feel good all year round! We are continuously aiming to increase the number of sustainable pieces in each collection in hopes of contributing to a greener future. After all, we want future generations to enjoy the beauty of our earth for many more years to come.

Environmentally friendly organic cotton

Known for its comfort and durability, cotton is one of the most popular materials in fashion. However, did you know that to grow enough cotton for just one shirt, thousands of litres of water are required? It’s for this reason that we make many of our shirts from organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which requires much lower water consumption and eliminates the use of synthetic pesticides in the process. This protects both the environment and the health of our farmers. Additionally, the GOTS ensures safe and hygienic conditions in production facilities and fair wages for their workers.

Cruelty-Free Vegan Leather

On-trend and super chic, there’s no doubt that leather adds a special touch to any outfit. Though, no matter how stylish, we don’t want our pieces to come at the expense of animals. We prefer to use vegan leather, which is made from a synthetic mixture so no animal products are used in the process. Our vegan leather is soft and comfortable on the skin, emulating a feel and appearance similar to real leather.

Sustainable outerwear: Repreve® and 3M™ Thinsulate™

While producing our outdoor collections, we decided to eliminate the use of down feathers in an attempt to protect wildlife. The alternative: 3M Thinsulate™! The synthetic microfibres in 3M Thinsulate™ are just as fine as down feathers, allowing them to trap more air in less space. This results in a material that is heat-insulating and sure to keep you warm all winter long. Additionally, many of our jackets are made with the innovative fibre Repreve®, which is a recycled polyester. To make Repreve®, old plastic bottles that would typically end up in a landfill are melted and spun into fibres. Talk about recycling gone right!

Coming soon: EcoVero™

For a while now, we have been working behind the scenes to find a more sustainable alternative to viscose. The base of viscose is cellulose, which is a natural material extracted from the wood of beech, spruce, eucalyptus or grasses such as bamboo. The down side? The water consumption during this process is signficant. The solution? EcoVero™! EcoVero™ is a viscose process created by the Australian company Lenzing which uses only wood from local, controlled and organic cultivation, resulting in much lower water consumption. Our first ever EcoVero™ styles will be live in just a few weeks.