A portion of power, please! How nice would it be if you could order energy and strength just as easily as coffee at your local shop? As women, we are confronted with many challenges every day and yet somehow always manage to conquer and make the most out of every day. We asked seven women what gives them the necessary boosts in life and you’ll be surprised at the results!

Kasia draws her energy and power from her dream job as a beekeeper!

“I am a power woman, and a queen bee all in one!”

Kasia from Poland has always had a dream to pursue a meaningful work, with which she can make the world a little bit better: “I live my dream and exactly that gives me a lot of power! I work as a beekeeper and thus ensure a balanced ecosystem. Bees are such important animals for all of us, because as pollinators of many plants, they secure a large part of our food and biodiversity. That is why I have made it my mission to protect them. I am their queen, so to speak, and even though I wear a beekeeper’s suit instead of a coronet to do so, I feel strong and confident in my outfit!”

Sonja's children keep her on her toes and give her endless inspiration.

“My children make me a power woman!”

Sonja from North Rhine-Westphalia is a proud mother of four children. “They are the absolute greatest thing for me and give me new power every day.” When the doctor told her that it would probably be difficult to get pregnant for health reasons, she was devastated. “But the stork had plans of its own and then came flying by our house on time every seven years. Our first three children are 16, 9 and 2 years old.” And then, miraculously, baby No. 4 was born 7 months ago. An inspiring story that proves it’s worth believing in miracles even in hopeless times!

After a yoga session, Patrycja feels like a new person.

“Yoga gives me power!”

Patrycja from Poland likes to stretch and switch off: “Yoga gives me a lot of power and energy. This sport is all about the here and now. I love to take this time out just for me and let my muscles work while my mind relaxes. Whenever I’ve had a bad day, yoga helps me regain my positive energy and let negative feelings fizzle out.”

Melanie recharges with walks in the countryside.

“I recharge my batteries in nature!”

Melanie from Lower Saxony gets new energy best from long walks in nature. “Nature gives me power and strength. It does me good in the turbulent everyday life to take conscious timeouts and just slowdown in the fresh air! Time that we take is time that gives us something.”

Żaneta loves to travel.

“I love to get to know new places!”

Żaneta is actually Greek, but currently lives in Warsaw, Poland. Whenever she can, she goes traveling: “When I discover new places in this world and get to know foreign cultures, I notice how I immediately come to new energy. The sound of the ocean and a great view – that’s all I need! I get more power and energy with every trip I take!”

Madlen has a confessed sweet tooth.

“My personal energy booster: chocolate!”

Madlen from Thuringia is not only a powerful and strong woman, but also has a sweet tooth. “In my job as a personnel officer, things can sometimes get pretty hectic. To fill up on energy and power, a little piece of chocolate in between is an absolute must for me! But it also tastes way too good.”” – and we couldn’t agree more!”

Sonja's children keep her on her toes and give her endless inspiration.

“Achieving my goals makes me strong!”

Anita from Krakow, Poland, likes to be active and does a lot of sports in nature: “”It’s an indescribable feeling when you reach the summit after a long and strenuous bike ride and can enjoy the great view. In such moments I feel strong, brave and full of energy!”