Linen is the ultimate material for summer! At Olsen, we swear by clothing made from high-quality linen fabric—particularly during the warm spring/summer months where breathability is necessary. We love that linen looks are just as chic as they are practical.

What is linen made of?

First things first, let’s clarify what linen is made of.

Linen is obtained from the stems of the blue flowering flax plant—a very frugal plant that is mainly cultivated in European countries with maritime climates. Interestingly, it is one of the oldest plants from which textile fibres are obtained, and clothing in ancient times was made using this material.

Linen is obtained from the stems of the flax plant
Linen is a very sustainable material

Is linen clothing sustainable?

Because the flax plant is so undemanding, requires relatively little water and thrives without the use of pesticides or fertilizers, flax cultivation is very environmentally friendly! Even more, linen is a pure natural fibre that is biodegradable, so it can be worn with a clear conscience.

What are the properties of linen clothing?

Clothing made of pure linen is characterized by special properties that allow it to stand out from other materials. Some properties include:
Cooling: Linen absorbs up to 35% humidity and quickly exchanges the moisture with the surrounding air, providing a cooling effect. This makes it perfect for wearing on even the hottest summer days.
Hard-wearing: The tear resistance of linen fibre makes it particularly hard-wearing, meaning linen styles are known for staying in good condition for years. A wise fashion investment indeed!
Natural look: Though linen fibre is not very elastic and creases relatively quickly, wrinkles are not considered a defect, but rather proof of the naturalness of the material.

Linen blouses, jackets and trousers
Airy linen summer dress

Linen dresses and skirts:
A summer must-have!

In our spring/summer collections, there is no shortage of sustainable linen styles. We especially love linen dresses and skirts that are lightweight and easy yet super chic and feminine. Because the material exudes a natural feel, simple linen dresses without any striking patterns are our favourite.

Linen jackets, blouses and trousers

If dresses aren’t really your thing, you can opt for linen blouses, jackets or trousers to create a comfortable and breathable summer look in no time! For laid-back leisure, Bermuda shorts are a great option, whereas for the office, you may go for chic and refined culottes. To create on-trend, nature-inspired looks, try combining khaki green, this season’s grounding green shade, with white for a pop of contrast.

Linen clothing in the trend colours khaki and white