At Olsen, we have one goal above all else: to make you smile! Whether it’s the blissful feeling of cuddling up in a soft cardigan or the immediate confidence boost after someone compliments your blouse – nothing brings us more joy than knowing our styles put you in a good mood. After all, the most beautiful accessory is a smile.

Various researchers have found that the wider the smile, the more radiant you appear. The physical act of smiling is even known to make you feel happier.
Give it a try: just smile. Even if you don’t feel like it, you’ll likely notice an instant change in your positivity.

We recently asked our clients to share the things that makes them smile. Here’s what they had to say:

Anita L.: “What makes me smile? Situations that make me feel like a child again! For example, visiting the pumpkin farm. I went recently and had so much fun.”

Stefanie B.: “On this day, I learned that I was going to be a godmother. Family is one of the things that makes me smile, and I love making my loved ones smile as much as possible.”

Malgorzata J.: “Training is done, so I can now bake a cake. I chose this photo because I love endorphins that I have after training. I should probably get dressed, because autumn is coming.”

Nicole A.: “Spending time with my whole family on the seaside and enjoying the peace and quiet is really great! It makes me happy and makes me smile!”

Iwona C.: “A constant reminder that change is inevitable, just like the change of clothes you wear. Every day we experience different moments of happiness and joy, and this is one of those colourful moments where I felt really happy.”

Sabriye D.: “A kiss while ziplining over the woods makes me smile.”

Martika B.: “An afternoon spent with a friend, beautiful weather and…pizza! These things simply guarantee a great mood!”

Evelyn K.: “My husband makes me smile! He made me the happiest person in the world on the day of our wedding, and my radiance is as real as our love.”

Anna W.: “What made me smile? The sun, of course! And beautiful views, and nature! It’s hard not to smile.”

Birgit K.: “Painting – a happy moment that makes me forget all worries and shine!”

Magdalena T.: “This is what the happy, smiling me looks like – the one who fulfills a childhood dream as an adult and goes crazy in the fairy-tale land of Disney with her favorite Man! So many joyful births captured in one frame!”

Nancy S.: “My little sunshine always makes me smile, no matter what happens!”