Olsen wouldn’t be Olsen if there weren’t over 600 great personalities on the team, breathing life into the company and infusing each day they spend here with passion. In this new series, ‘Inside Olsen,’ we’ll introduce you to some of the people who make Olsen incredible, along some insights into their everyday lives at work.

Who hasn’t dreamed of having an entire department store to themselves without the usual hustle and bustle that overtakes over the sales floor? For our Visual Concept & Marketing Manager Kristin, this dream regularly becomes a reality when she re-sets our Olsen sales areas in Germany before opening. Sure, there’s no time for shopping, but in Kristin’s words – her job is just as fun.

“The best thing about my job is the rewarding end result.”

A lot of attention to detail

What was still an empty, chaotic area early in the morning is really something to be seen in the afternoon. Kristin has an eye for detail and knows how to make a sales area look absolutely perfect.

The focus is on the products

Deciding where items are placed in a store is much more than simply hanging clothing on racks. For Kristin, ‘setting’ (this means re-organizing and styling) the boutique requires her to use a specific system to ensure that the beauty of each style is shown. The clothes racks must be set just high enough so that they do not obscure the view of the store too much, but the styles on them must be clearly visible. The products are sorted by colour, with light and dark tones alternating as much as possible to show the contrast of each collection.

The goal: creating inspiration

The product tables on the sales floor are also prepared by Kristin. With practiced hands, she artfully wraps scarves so that they almost look like decorative elements when laid. She neatly folds and stacks other styles next to each other – some must be strategically folded to protect their delicate materials or show hidden details, whereas others must be hung for the same reasons. The newest arrivals always shine at the front of the store. At the end, finishing touches come in the form of beautiful seasonal images mounted on the walls, and little vases of greenery to add a comfy, like-home ambiance.

“I’m putting the styles meticulously on top of each other so the tables always look tidy.”

Indeed, when Kristin is finished, the shop doesn’t look a bit like it did at the beginning of the day. The new look is inspiring and invites you in as a friend to enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship of the styles we create. To ensure that this is the case in Olsen boutiques all over the world, Kristin regularly creates new guides that colleagues in Canada, Poland and beyond can use to ensure their stores are equally beautiful. All this is done with careful attention to detail, in the hope that you have a beautiful shopping experience when visiting!