“Olsen would not be Olsen if it were not for the 600 dynamic personalities on the team breathing life into the company and infusing each day they spend here with passion. In this new series, ‘Inside Olsen,’ we’ll introduce you to some of the people who make Olsen incredible, along with some insights into their day-to-day work life. “

For over 2 years, Katarzyna has been managing Olsen’s Polish office and is responsible for a total of 20 Olsen stores and a team of over 100 employees in that market. Each work day for Katarzyna is always very intense and incredibly diverse. Her work combines strategic and long-term planning alongside day-to-day response to changes and challenges. She also deals with analyzing sales and financial results and making important decisions in every area of company operations, including sales, marketing, finance, and administration. What is more, her duties include numerous meetings, trips and significant amounts of coffee, of which Katarzyna is a lover.

“My job is a continuous decision-making process focused on constant development of the Olsen brand on the Polish market. It’s work involving numbers, but also involves workingly close with people.”

Teamwork is the key

Katarzyna’s work is not only figures and Excel spreadhseets. A great value and a very important element of her activities is working with people. Creating a great team not only is a key to achieve success, but also creates a good atmosphere at work and is a source of satisfaction.

“The team of people I work with is extremely important to me. I am glad that I was able to create such a unique team that surprises me every day with initiative and commitment.”

Olsen Fashion for Polish customers

Katarzyna has been into fashion for many years. That is why she perfectly understands the needs of female Polish clients. At Olsen, she is also responsible for product selection for 20 comprehensive collections created by designers located at the Olsen headquarters in Hamburg.

“The choice of styles, which appear in our 20 stores, is a large part of my work and gives me a lot of satisfaction. I am always up-to-date with fashion trends and I am aware of the expectations of Polish women. This means I always try to choose varied collections that will meet the needs of our demanding clients. I am glad that we have clothes in sizes 34 to 48. That is why most Polish women who value high quality products will find something for themselves in our stores.”

Olsen Poland goes online

The last few months have been particularly challenging for Katarzyna. The Corona pandemic and the resulting closure of all stationary shops came as unexpected to her as it did to everyone else. As a quick and effective response, she and her team set up the online shop for the Polish market in just two weeks.

“During the economic slowdown, within 2 weeks we launched an online store, which has become an extremely important sales channel for us, and has helped us to survive the most difficult lockdown period.”