Olsen wouldn’t be Olsen if there weren’t over 600 great personalities on the team,  breathing life into the company and infusing each day they spend here with passion. In this new series, ‘Inside Olsen,’ we’ll introduce you to some of the people who make Olsen incredible, along some insights into their everyday lives at work.

Layout drafts, post-its, fashion magazines, price lists, photo prints — you’ll find these and more on the desk of our Senior Marketing Manager, Anja. Creative chaos reigns here in a very clichéd way! But if you ask Anja for a certain document from the week before last, she will pick it out of one of the many piles in a matter of seconds. She oversees many moving parts, and that’s exactly what her job demands.

“No two days are alike. Most of the time I juggle a lot of topics at once, so it never gets boring!”

All in all, it can be said that Anja is responsible for the external appearance of the Olsen brand. Mainly for the German market, but in part also beyond the national borders, which requires constant communication with Olsen marketing colleagues from all over the world. One of Anja’s areas of expertise is classic PR work. She maintains contact with various fashion editors, takes part in press events and works closely with our PR agency, all with the aim of generating as many publications as possible in renowned magazines.

She also organizes all photo shoots for every Olsen collection. Twice a year, the campaign photo shoot for the new season takes place, and it’s a big one! Together with the Olsen Creation Manager, Anja prepares everything: a concept is created, models are selected, looks are put together, locations are sought and photographers, stylists and other talent are booked to make the magic happen.

“Teamwork is very important to me. Together we master the greatest challenges even in particularly stressful phases!”

On photo shoot days, Anja coordinates all efforts and is the key contact person for any questions and issues that may arise. With 5 degrees temperature and rain, you still want to conjure up that certain summer feeling? No problem! The team quickly jumps into action, setting palm leaf wallpaper and several indoor plants to make the shot work. On set it really looks like a tropical rain forest! And when a parrot comes flying across the set, the jungle feeling is complete. There is so much to experience during photo shoots!

And when a parrot comes flying across the set, the jungle feeling is complete. There is so much to experience during photo shoots!

What other qualities besides creativity and organizational strength are important in Anja’s job?

“Communication is essential to my job – whether with my team or on the phone with external partners and agencies. I see myself as an interface between different people and can only move things forward if I talk to them regularly. Until in the evening the voice gradually fades away! 😉”