It’s hard to believe that in a few weeks it will be the holidays again! We love this time of year – it’s the perfect opportunity to show your favourite people how much you care about them. Do you have any ideas of what you would like to give to loved ones this year?

Our tip: Don’t make the mistake of getting the gifts at the last minute! It’s much nicer to take care of it early and then enjoy the holidays relaxing with family and friends! Below, you’ll find some of our gift ideas for every budget. Let us inspire you!

Precious words are free!

The little things often mean the most. Our tip: Write the people you love a special letter. Take your time and review the highlight moments of the past year that you have experienced together while writing. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just a few lines or several pages. In this day and age, when almost everything is sent digitally, a handwritten letter is something very special!

Sweet temptation for under €10 / $15 CAD

As they say, sometimes the way to the heart is through the stomach. Let’s be honest – who isn’t happy about tasty sweets? Our tip: Make your own chocolate with exactly the toppings your loved ones enjoy.

500 grams dark chocolate
25 grams coconut fat (e.g. palmin)
Toppings of your choice (e.g. freeze-dried raspberries, smarties, nuts, sugar pearls, marshmallows, coconut flakes etc. – get creative, or try mixing multiple toppings!)

Step 1: Chop the chocolate into small pieces. Gently melt it over a double-boiler with the coconut fat.
Step 2: Lay out a baking tray or a flat baking dish with baking paper – if you have a fancy mold, you can use that, too!
Step 3: Using a spoon or spatula, spread the melted chocolate evenly on the baking paper.
Step 4: Now comes the fun part: Decorate the chocolate before it hardens with the toppings of your choice. Whether dried raspberries, crunchy nuts or sweet marshmallows – there are no limits to your creativity! Your chocolate looks particularly Christmasy when you use small chopped red and white candy canes as topping.
Step 5: Now it’s time to wait. Let the chocolate harden overnight. Then you can remove it from the baking paper and break or cut it into coarse pieces.
Step 6: In a pretty package with ribbons and bows, your chocolatey gift is sweet and complete!

The ultimate scarf for €40 / $80 CAD

Pulling up your favourite scarf to the tip of your nose when temperatures are sub-zero gives an instant dose of coziness, making a scarf the perfect holiday gift. The XXL scarf from our winter collection features a bold check print on one side, and trendy leo on the other, making this gift perfectly versatile for your recipient. Plus, you never have to worry about size – a scarf always fits perfectly!

Colourful It-Piece for €50 / $100 CAD

Why not gift your personal sunshine a colour-matching fashion piece! This lovely, ladylike blouse tee in bright honey-yellow immediately ensures a good mood and is guaranteed to make your recipient shine. The long tie band on the collar can either be knotted or tied to a loose bow, and the style is versatile for lots of pairing options! We love it with a cuddly cardigan or elegant blazer.

Cuddly companion for €70 / $129 CAD

Cozy teddy vests are real all-rounders! They are super comforable and cuddly (like a favourite blanket!) but the look is always refined and elegant. Our Teddy Vest flatters all figures and offers versatile wear for day-to-night looks. No matter whether your gift receipient is at her desk or out to dinner, this piece will always keep her warm and on-trend.