The current situation we are collectively facing is a challenge for all of us. The Coronavirus crisis is forcing many of us to spend most of our time at home for our own safety and for the well-being of our community. What’s more, we are required to #stayhome despite the fact that the temperature outside is continuing to rise and the sun is finally shining again. How about using this unexpected time at home to make your wardrobe ready for summer? This way, you can start to look forward to some better days ahead and wonderful days outdoors!

At Olsen, knitwear is what we do best and has been the heart of our brand since the very beginning. Our passion for yarns, textures and modern silhouettes inspire us every day to design new knitwear collections that are comfortable, high-quality and on-trend.
Though we design knitwear for all seasons, we do know that changing temperatures often mean a closet ‘shift’! It’s that time twice a year when one moves heavier clothing to the back of the closet (or sometimes another closet altogether) to bring forward clothing that is wear-now.

So that next winter you can enjoy your cuddly knitwear styles just as much as last winter, we’re sharing a few tips on how to store it properly.

Wash and dry knitwear properly

Before you send your winter knitwear into a summer break, be sure to wash it. For starters, read the label! Always check the care label before washing, ironing or storing your knits. Following its instructions will ensure that you preserve the life of your garment. For knitwear made of natural fibres, avoid heavy flinging and never rub or wring it out, and dry flat when possible. After washing according to the care label, dry flat and gently shape the knit with your hands – avoid any excessive pulling. Overall, no matter what the fiber content is, you should use a mild detergent to preserve the original appearance of your knitwear. Washing the item inside out is also a good idea, and for super-special items, you may opt to place your item in a laundry sac before adding it to the wash.

Laying instead of hanging

We know that sometimes closet and drawer space can be a challenge, but it is recommended that you never hang a wool or cashmere sweater on a hanger. This will result in the fabric stretching over time, consequently distorting its shape. Instead, you should always fold them loosely (not too tight!) to avoid flattening the yarns.

Avoid direct sunlight

Can you sleep well in bright light? 😉 The same goes for your winter clothes – it is best to send them into their summer sleep in a dark place. For example, use large storage boxes that can be closed. This prevents the colours from fading in direct sunlight.

Fragrant companions

You might also opt to use fragrant sachets to keep the moths away, plus they’ll make your knitwear smell nice! DIY lovers can even make these little sachets themselves! Simply sew small bags and add dried lavender to fill them. If sewing is not an option, you can cut fabric into a square, add the dried lavender in middle, and then tie up the corners with a pretty ribbon. Tiny organza bags can also be filled for an even easier option.

By following these tips, you will be delighted when your cozy winter clothes can be taken out again when the seasons change. But right now, we are all looking forward to the sunny days of summer and are welcoming airy blouses, dresses, and lightweight linens into our wardrobe! Looking for a new favourite? Browse through these great styles for warm days here: