Have you ever wondered how clothing at Olsen is created? To let you in on the journey, we’ve outlined the entire design process of a sweater from our Green Garden collection!
It all began exactly one year ago with a brainstorming session, which was later followed by numerous creative meetings and quality checks.

1) Our designers spend time travelling and visiting trade fairs to gather fresh inspiration for upcoming collectioons. In a pandemic world, these days spent travelling are now replaced with thorough internet research.

2) In the kick-off meeting, the team discusses the season’s trend colours and defines colour schemes for the collections.

3) Our designers work together to develop specific yarns and concepts for the various collection themes.

4) Now it’s finally time to draw! Not on paper, but directly on the PC. This is much more environmentally friendly!

5) Our designers receive the first knitting patterns from the supplier. This allows them to check which of their ideas are feasible.

6) Based on the sketches, so-called prototypes are made. Together the team discusses which styles will make it into the collection.

7) Fittings are carried out, where our designers and product developers check the fit and quality of the style.

8) Finally, the sweater is commissioned and produced, and is ready to be enjoyed!