Who doesn’t want to look stylish, regardless of the situation? Creating an outfit for a special occasion doesn’t have to be a challenge if only we’ll do it, considering both – our individual preferences and an event we choose a creation for. We prepared a few spring stylizations including the linen dress with bamboo print from Global Bazaar Olsen Collection. Our goal is to show you how to style a dress for every moment of the day in just a few simple steps. From working in the home office to a chic dinner in the evening!

Linen is a very sustainable material

9:00 AM: A nice and comfortable outfit for home office

We live in times, when more and more people work remotely, which creates many opportunities and some kind of freedom, regarding the choice of an outfit for work. If we work at home, we can choose loose and comfortable clothes that will let us enjoy a coziness for long hours spent at the computer. That kind of homey stylization may also influence our creativity and increase our motivation for work. If you are looking for something stylish for home office, check our dress combined with a loose top and linen pants. This look will definitely make you feel fashionable and cozy at the same time. In this outfit, the dress plays a role of a decorative tunic. And if you want, you can complement it with your favorite jewelry.

12:30 PM: A more dressy outfit for when you want to pop into the office

You have a meeting at the office at lunchtime? It means you need something a little more dressy so you could fit in when you meet your co-workers. This time, you can choose an elegant version of our linen dress. Not only its length is good for standards of business casuals, but also looks great with a black cardigan. Composing these two clothes together, you’ll get a formal and stylish, but also comfortable look. The dress goes well with golden accessories, such as a bracelet or a necklace.

Linen blouses, jackets and trousers
Airy linen summer dress

4:10 PM: A casual outfit for a coffee with your best friend

Chatting with your best friend over a coffee is the best way to relax after a day at work. If you want to look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time, choose a cozy white pants that goes very well with the dress from our collection. When the linen dress is unbuttoned, it becomes an original styling element that can be perfectly matched with a light handbag or backpack. Also, you can compose it with shoes that match the style, for example, sneakers. You’ll see what your friend will say about this unusual, but fashionable outfit.

8:00 PM: A feminine outfit for a romantic dinner

Nowadays it’s hard to arrange a date in your favorite restaurant, but a romantic evening at home is still a good option. But even if you stay in your private settings, of course you’ll still want to look glamorous. For this special occasion, our proposition is a linen dress with a bamboo print and a waistbelt that you can find in one of Olsen’s collections. That stylization will perfectly emphasize your female figure. Elegant high-heeled shoes will be a suitable accessory that will make the dinner at home something of the larger scale. This outfit will give you a sense of comfort and self-confidence, and definitely will attract an attention of your partner. Get inspired by other products from our latest Olsen Spring / Summer collections and create your outfits for every occasion. See our news here: https://www.olsenfashion.com/collections/global-bazaar/

Linen clothing in the trend colours khaki and white