July 30th is International Friendship Day – a perfect day to plan your next visit to celebrate with your best friend so that you can have an uninterrupted chat. If your styles are in sync, we have suggestions for perfectly coordinated summer outfits that you can wear on your next outing together. Don’t be shy, have fun and show the world what a great and, above all, style-savvy team you and your bestie are!

Complementary styles for you and your bestie

Having a good friend who always has your back and a sympathetic ear is something very special. If you can share your biggest secrets with your girlfriend, why not share your clothes? Perhaps you’ve already exchanged styling tips and have similar fashion tastes? If so, here’s how you can have some fun and coordinate your outfits so you can show the world that you are a dream team that not only fits together great in terms of character, but also stylistically! What’s more, you’ll get a cute picture that is Instagram-worthy on International Friendship Day!

Casual looks for a bike ride together

Casual chic for girls day out

How about a day trip enjoying nature? A bike ride is just the thing to take a break from everyday life. For leisure activities like this, choose outfits that look casual and feel light on the skin. The co-ord set from Olsen’s Season Favourite summer collection is a good choice!

Your friend can opt for matching shorts and combine them with a striped top with short sleeves. Together with summery accessories and comfortable shoes, you get two looks that look good on their own but also make for a memorable photo together because of the colour harmony.

Two beautiful summer outfits that harmonise in colour
For a picnic among friends, looks can be feminine and playful

Courage for patterns

A summer picnic among friends is one of the best things to do in good weather. Culinary delicacies, warm wind in your hair and hours of conversation – when there is such light-heartedness in the air, the looks should also be correspondingly light and cheerful!

For example, combine denim-look trousers made of airy lyocell fabric with a lightweight poncho in an ornamental print. Your girlfriend can also opt for patterns, like a trendy leopard print. Choose something in similar shades and you will make a beautiful duo.

If the colours are harmonious with each other, different patterns can be mixed
Colourful looks set a good mood for coffee-talk

Coffee talk in the trend colour coral

Why not invite your girlfriend for a coffee after work? You can wear a beautiful summer dress with a pattern in the trend colour coral and, so that your friend’s outfit complements yours, she can wear pieces in the same shade. The long blouse from Olsen is particularly suitable for this, with a sporty striped shirt underneath. With airy linen trousers and summer sandals in black, the outfit is complete.

Why not use International Friendship Day as an opportunity to be playful and put together coordinated looks with your girlfriend? You’ll see how much fun it can be and how it can bring you both even closer together. Cheers to friendship!

The look on the right is a perfect colour complement for the summery dress