With the new year in motion, fashion lovers everywhere are beginning to explore what trends to look forward to in spring/summer 2021. Which colours and patterns will dominate? Which styles will become new wardrobe essentials? Not to worry—our Spring Summer 2021 Trend Forecast tells all!


The catwalks at SS21 fashion shows were filled with a range of beautiful colours and, of course, timeless neutral tones. Of the various shades trending this season, we’re feeling particularly drawn to brown and beige, navy and true blue, and khaki and pistachio green. Nature-inspired colours are in and we are loving it!

Earthy: Brown and Beige
This past year our longing for stability and tranquility has been ever-present, and for many, newfound connections with nature have been developed. This is perhaps why earth tones are at the top of the trend ladder this season. Beige, sand and brown can be expected to dominate many looks in the spring and summer months to come.

Blueprint: Blue
Blue is a forever favourite in the fashion world, and in spring/summer 2021 the colour reigns more popular than ever. A powerful blue stands for serenity, strength and optimism—all qualities that have gained a new sense of importance in these rather uncertain times. In particular, true blue and aqua are sure to make a strong appearance this season.

Green Obsession: Green
This fan-favourite colour is strongly associated with nature, symbolizing renewal and hope for better days ahead. Whether you’re into pistachio green or tried-and-tested khaki, spring/summer 2020 is your time to style up in these shades.


At Olsen, we pride ourselves on keeping our thumb on the pulse of the latest prints and motifs. Our designers pay careful attention to the latest trends and interpret them into easy-to-wear styles you’ll love! In spring/summer 2021, there are three prints in particular that you need to keep on your fashion radar.

Floral Splendour
Why are floral prints so trendy right now? Because they reflect exactly what we love about spring and summer. They’re reminiscent of the season where nature comes back to life and delights us with its beautiful shapes and colours. And just as flowers enrich our earth, floral print designs add life to our wardrobes!

Ethno Prints
Let’s be honest, we’ve all had to go without big trips for far too long now. To satisfy at least a fraction of our wanderlust, we’re adding on-trend ethnic prints to our wardrobes! Inspired by the Incas, Mayas and Aztecs, this season you’ll find styles adorned with graphic patterns and ornaments that awaken our spirit of adventure.

Animal Prints
The animal trend continues in SS21, bringing a touch of wild straight into our wardrobes. At Olsen, you can look forward to abstract snake and modern leo print styles that were thoughtfully designed to ensure versatility and easy pairing.


It’s clear that the shifting circumstances of the past year have changed many of our daily lives, and with it, our outfit choices. Laid-back yet refined styles have become more popular than ever, and soft, high-quality materials are extremely important.”

With more time being spent in our homes, staying in cozy attire has never been more important. That said, it’s clear that silky soft fabrics and relaxed loungewear are essentials are spring/summer 2021. Outfits that can take you from your home office to at-home dinners.

Uncomplicated creations with functional details are at the heart of the utility trend. These styles are perfect for fashion-loving women who love to make a statement while keeping it cool, laid-back and practical.

Eco Nomads
The eco nomads trend was born from the rise of environmental awareness and globalization. Made up of flowy and relaxed silhouettes, linen materials and burnt earth tones–all reminiscent of nomadic garments.