Known on Instagram as @romynspired, the lovely Romy inspires more than 1,300 followers each day with her keen eye for fashion. Professionally, the 44-year-old works as a change manager for a large machine and plant manufacturer, and has just completed her extra-occupational studies in business administration and business psychology. In her personal life, she is passionate about fashion and loves getting creative with new, stylish pieces. Here Romy shares with us how she will be celebrating the holiday’s this year, what she is looking forward to the most, and, of course, what she will be wearing!

It’s only in the past few years that we have begun celebrating Christmas at home with our families, inviting them over for dinner or coffee and cake. We used to spend the holidays travelling to faraway places with our backpacks because we wanted to see how Christmas was celebrated in other countries. This gave us many wonderful impressions. Colombia, for example, was our favourite because everything was so cheerful and colourful. Now it has become more important for us to spend time with our families over the holidays, as we have realized just how precious time with our loved ones is. I love getting into the festive spirit by decorating our space with seasonal decor—even the dining table for guests. My favourite thing about Christmas is the warm atmosphere created by decorations and lights–especially the outdoor lights. They give the darker season a calm, familiar feeling, and suddenly the hectic pace of the year seems to fade.

When it comes to choosing what outfit to wear, I like to dress for the occasion in festive outfits when we have visitors or head out to visit family. I feel instantly elegant in this shiny black shirt, white blouse and matching cardigan with sequins. On the evening of Christmas, however, I like to keep things cozy for two–for example, with a knitted dress and my new dark red cardigan.

Material gifts have become rare for us. We prefer to spend quality time with our families by going to events such as Christmas concerts, theatres or operas. For these events, I love dressing up in polished and elegant pieces like sparkling sequins, long skirts or beautiful dresses. What better way to honour the event?

“This Christmas will probably look a little different since there are no events to attend, but the most important thing is that we are all healthy and are able to spend time with our loved ones; because if the year 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that our health is the most important thing. “