Ever looked into your closet and felt your daily dose of outfit inspiration was missing? We know what that feels like. Luckily, a wardrobe slump can be fixed in a snap with a few key pieces that amp up your looks and work with the great styles you already have. Today, we’re sharing our super-simple 3-step plan for enhancing your Fall/Winter wardrobe with ease… Read on below!

1. Assess what you already have

Before you start shopping, it’s important to take stock of what you already have (and more importantly, what you already have and love). Pull out your 10-15 favourite items that you know you’ll want to wear throughout the colder months. Then, lay them out and consider…

  • What colour are my favourite styles? When you add pieces, you’ll want to select ones in shades that will mix and match easily with your tried & true styles.
  • Are my favourites made up of prints? Solids? Both? If you have lots of prints, perhaps it’s time to add some complementary solids to enhance the versatility of your collection. No prints in sight? Good news! We have a variety of printed pieces that will infuse your collection of basics with eye-catching excitement!
  • Is there something I’m missing? Perhaps once your favourites are laid out, you’ll notice there are lots of tops and pants, but no great sweaters (or conversely, tons of great sweaters with very few pairing options). Knowing what’s missing will make filling in the gaps in your wardrobe that much simpler.

Take all these things into consideration as you move on to step 2…

2. Make a list of what you’re looking for

If you’ve indeed assessed that key styles are missing, a quick list (written or mental works!) will help keep you motivated to find the perfect pieces (although once you visit your local Olsen boutique, you’re sure to find styles off your list that you’ll love, too!) .

Your list can be very simple & not overly specific – consider it merely a reference point to help make your shopping trip simpler!

For example…

  1. A fun sweater that will pair well with jeans
  2. A great dress in a neutral print & classic silhouette
  3. A pair of pants that can be dressed up or down.

It’s that easy! And now for the fun part…

3. SHOP!

Visit your local Olsen shop or retailer, where you’ll find a range of styles to suit what you’re looking for. In our boutiques, allow one of our Wardrobe Experts to help you find the perfect new pieces to enhance your wardrobe that are sure to become your new closet crushes. Not sure where to shop? Click here to find the Olsen boutique nearest you.

We hope these steps make enhancing your wardrobe & styling new looks for the season a breeze.

Wishing you fun shopping and great style!